I have used Sobel Promotions since early 2014 with very good results, in fact, better than any other single service used. Not only do I see actual radio play and chart activity, but also very useful stats and feedback from users. She is worth every penny. Highly recommended.

StoneBridgeGrammy Nominated Remixer/Producer/Label Owner – Stoney Boy Music and Dirty Harry Records

She is a miracle worker who never sleeps! The Queen of Dance Music! I don’t know what I have done without her all these years and I am very lucky that I will never have to know!

Steve Etherington (The Rubettes ft. John, Mick, and Steve)#1 Recording Artist, Producer, Remixer

Barbara Sobel is tireless in her efforts to promote music from her artists and remixers and get it known all over the world. She has put together an amazing array of talent and dedication, showing in the songs appearing on charts and in “favorites” lists everywhere. She brings exposure to social issues otherwise unseen with her charity song work as well, focusing on helping both people and the creatures who have fallen victim to cruelty or misfortune. From classic artists to current and rising stars, she has dedicated her life to one goal, making the world dance a little more every single day.

Steven Grant (Tight Fit)#1 Recording and Platinum Artist

Barbara puts in a lot of effort and countless hours into all her artists. She is very dedicated to her work and her clientele. It’s encouraging to see someone who has dedicated to their work as much as the actual artist themselves. If you want the job done, and done properly and professionally, then Barbara and Sobel Promotions will go above and beyond to make sure you’re happy. Without Barbara, no one’s career would take off or get noticed.

Division 4Billboard Remixer/ Producer

Barbara Sobel is one of those rare and exotic creatures that are almost extinct from our beleaguered industry. She does what she does because she loves it and genuinely feels committed to helping artists get their music heard by a wider audience. In the process she has created quite a fan base for herself, with a list of Dance music’s shimmering glitterati signing up to be in her good books because if they know what’s good for them, they do exactly what Barbara tells them to! I am both enamored and terrified of her, but mostly just exceedingly grateful to be one of the lucky ones who she has invited to be part of Sobel Promotions. May her reign be long, and her power only continue to give more and more artists the chance to be heard.

Peyton#1 Recording and Billboard Artist

Barbara Sobel and Sobel Promotions have always been there for me. Barbara has come through each and every time and has introduced me to some of the nation’s finest remixers and DJ’s. She is dedicated and sincere and always wants to represent her artists in a professional manner. I enjoy working with Barbara and she is honest and devoted. If you are looking for someone who cares about results, she’s your girl.

Harry "KC" Casey (KC & The Sunshine Band)Grammy Winner, Billboard and Platinum Recording Artist

Barbara has helped us a lot getting our music out there, whether they are my remixes or my project with Sannanda. We all pretty much everyone knows is getting more difficult by the year to do this. I have seen much chart success and radio airplay with her. She’s getting the job done, she’s awesome!!

LA RushBillboard Remixer/ Producer

We’ve enjoyed great success with Sobel Promotions over the years. They have done excellent promotions associated with our artist, label & DJs. Always top quality services. Sobel Promotions has some of the hottest music and our record pool DJ’s ask for her music by name.

Ronnie MatthewsStarfleet Music Pool

I have been in this business for a very long time. I have met a lot of people who will take advantage of a situation, and had no work ethics. I am so impressed with Barbara Sobel and Sobel Promotions, I have taken her on as my manager, and have signed with Sobel Nation Records.

Glenn Soukesian (Colton Ford)Billboard Recording Artist

For me Barbara and Sobel Promotions and the Sobel Nation Radio Network of Stations have been a massive support for me and my label Ulybug Music. The help and support I have received is second to none with support and plays on many other radio shows that go out across the globe and bringing recognition to our small label also with support from DJs from a wide section of the DJ community. With there support our label is now getting support from on line music sales sights like Beatport & Tracksource who are now starting to give us front page features and taking us seriously as a label that puts out eclectic music from new artists. I feel this all comes down to the kind of support we get from Sobel. They always keep us in touch with reactions and any interest regarding movement with our tracks. For me, Sobel has believed in us from the very beginning and we love them for that and want our relationship to continue to grow. I thanks Barbara and her team for there continued support. Much love to all xx

Jonathan UlyssesRemixer- Label Owner Ulybug Music

Since hooking up with Barbara Sobel and Sobel Promotions, I have seen a dramatic increase in profile, most notably in the USA, both for my productions and for Enriched Records. Being included in her family of producers, DJs, and labels, and gaining great exposure through her comprehensive mailouts and network of radio stations, is not only an honour but also proving to be of huge benefit.

Rich BRemixer/Producer - Label Owner Enriched Records

I have been a part of the Sobel nation family for many years and am proud to count Barbara Sobel as one of the few people in this industry whom I trust completely. I am based in the UK and have been recording and releasing songs with many labels around Europe and with Barbara’s support I have been lucky to get played on Stonebridge’s show on Hed Kandi Japan and also been on radio playlists around the USA and Canada along with being Number One a few times on various world dance charts!!! All this was only possible through Barbara’s extremely selfless hard work and her passion and commitment to everything she does to ensure the very best for her artists. It truly is difficult to express how honored and impressed I am by Barbara’s drive and conviction in all that she does. She deserves every award out there!! Not only has she supported my music but she has also provided a shoulder to cry on when things got difficult and promoted the hell out of my now infamous hotdog eating picture haha! I was seen by millions around Europe when I was featured on The Voice UK television show and Barbara was there immediately promoting me as well as protecting me from a**holes! LOL. I am so honored to count myself as part of the Sobel Nation family and feel part of something amazing, due to the fact that other artists from the Sobel family also reach out and forge great friendships and show their support for your work. And this is a testament to the fact that Barbara only chooses the very best people to include in her family. I love you Barbara, I’m looking forward to many many more years of exciting adventures that await all of us at Sobel Nation!

Amrick ChannaChart Topping International Recording Artist

If you are in any way connected to dance music and the industry I am sure you have heard of Barbara Sobel, If you have not then you are missing out. She knows all styles of dance music and how to promote it. Not only is she an award winning promoter but she also owns radio stations and works with some of the hottest labels. Since I have known her I have seen that she has managed and promotes big names of the industry today such as StoneBridge and artists that seem that they have been around forever like KC from KC and the Sunshine Band fame and The Village People. She is the voice of indie music promotions. If you talk to her make sure to ask her who helps her get the work done, you will be surprised at the answer and this will help you learn a little bit more of her personnel side.

DJ Chris ColbyDJ/Radio Presenter

I have been in this industry for a very LONG time. I have seen it all, and I have never met a promoter like Barbara Sobel of Sobel Promotions. When I first started Dance World Radio FM, the first person to introduce herself was Barbara Sobel. I learned from her that she had her own radio station. I was shocked when she asked me if she could send me her promos and add her DJ’s mix shows to my station. She even offered to help in any way possible to get my station out there. There was absolutely none of the rivalry which I was fully anticipating. To Barbara Sobel, she saw my station as another outlet to get her artists music on air. Everybody in this business is out for themselves. I must say she is the only promotion company that thanks me for supporting her artists. It is also refreshing to see the artists give an acknowledgement. The love Barbara shows her artists is well noted. She has made a family out of her promotion company. It isn’t about the $$$$ for her. Her crew over at Sobel are a family. I always look forward to her announcements of “Welcome To The Family.” Her work ethic, values and morals are par none in this business. She never has a bad thing to say about anybody despite snide remarks made by others which is common place in this business. Her business model should be an example to others. I am proud to be playing Sobel Promotions artists on all of my stations and look forward to a long relationship with the #1 Promotion Company and Promoter.

John CarrollDance World Radio FM - Station Manager

Barbara Sobel and Sobel Promotions provides the most comprehensive and workable promotion plan for any artist, producer, or label with whom she works. Since 2010, she has been a force in the music industry to be reckoned with. Barbara has created remix opportunities for me as a remixer, producer, and label owner. With Sobel Nation Radio, there are so many possibilities and exposure all over the world! Im truly very grateful to have Barbara Sobel in my life, and as a motivator for my career and business.

Leo FrappierProducer, Billboard Remixer, and owner of Hit Save Music

Sobel Promotions is the best promoter of them all, I have used a couple before but none of them are that fast and doing such a nice work when it comes to push the music, I have got to know so many excellent producers and DJs that I never even would know of if it wasn't for SOBEL PROMOTIONS.

Torbjrn PetterssonMuzik Mag Sweden

Barbara is extremely relentless in the outstanding way she promotes dance music in the U.S and is a great addition to the dance music community in general! We don't know what we would do without her!

Bimbo JonesGrammy Winner - Remixer/Producer

Sobel Promotions has helped me gain an audience for my remixes worldwide. Barbara has helped me get my music into the hands of DJs, radio programmers, and record labels across the globe. It's amazing to release a track in the US, and within a week or two, DJs and programmers all over the world are playing it in clubs and on mix shows. I highly recommend working with Barbara Sobel, and the Sobel Nation family!

Russ RichBillboard Remixer

As the world of dance music becomes even more difficult and cost conscious due to piracy etc, you look for the people that understand and support your projects with a genuine passion as opposed to those who just look at the payment at the end. Barbara is simply legendary, connected to virtually every important person in the business and totally devoted to her work. She is a vital part of spreading our brand message in the USA and getting our new material to the right people. What she provides is more than a simple service it’s a heart and soul 24 hour passion .. that benefits any person who chooses to work for her.

Mark DoyleFierce Angel/HedKandi

It is no mean feat to make an impression in the media – and certainly in the promotion world – and it’s astounding to think of how many people worldwide know Barbara Sobel. She’s certainly carved a name for herself. And it’s a name that is loved and respected. I haven’t known Barbara personally for long, but in a short space of time, her help in promoting the work I do, and her services that she provides, have been both gratefully received and hugely effective.

Phil MarriottBillboard Remixer, Head of Music / Presenter at Gaydio Radio

Barbara Sobel is tireless in her efforts to promote music from her artists and remixers and get it known all over the world. She has put together an amazing array of talent and dedication, showing in the songs appearing on charts and in “favorites” lists everywhere. She brings exposure to social issues otherwise unseen with her charity song work as well, focusing on helping both people and the creatures who have fallen victim to cruelty or misfortune. From classic artists to current and rising stars, she has dedicated her life to one goal, making the world dance a little more every single day.

Joe GillanBillboard Remixer