Tee Green is a singer-songwriter, International Session singer, Vocal Coach to the Stars, Vocal Arranger, Percussionist, Producer, Musical Director, Actor, and Guinness world record holder.

Tee Green is internationally regarded as one of the finest  International Session Vocalists, Vocal Coaches, and Vocal arrangers in the music industry. His work has taken him all over the globe, keeping many recognized artists at the top of their game. In the 35 years spent in the business, he has worked his magic on acts including Daryl Hall, Lulu, Bobby Womack, East 17, Blue, Saturdays, The Wanted, Hear’Say, Andy Abrams, G4, Voices with Soul, Northern Line, Lighthouse Family, and Alexander O’Neal, Cilla Black.

Being an established vocalist in his own right, he has backed many successful singers like Kylie Minogue, and his amazing 4 and a half octave range can be heard on 150 Albums worldwide representing over 180 million record sales. He has also Co-written a number 1 for *N SYNC and has other writing and production credits for East 17, Worlds Apart, and Kenny Thomas, Samantha Fox,  and a number of TV and radio soundtracks, theme tunes, and Adverts.

He has also been involved in many other projects such as Soft Ballet, Clive Griffin, Daryl Hall, Shara Nelson, 2wo Third3, El Mariachi, Dead Or Alive, Isabelle Antena, Steps, Will Young, Gareth Gates, David Knopfler, Hannah Jones, Tunde, Kaare Norge, Back To Basics, Respect. And many other Artists produced by Stock Aitken and Waterman, Mike Peden, Phil Harding, Ian Curnow, Gary Miller, Steve Levine, Chris Porter, and Malcolm McLaren.and more.

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