“Together We Are Strong” is a song dedicated to the NHS and is said to be the NHS’s anthem.

The track is created by Cecil Edwards a Mental Health Social Worker. Cecil is also the CEO of ProTech Recording Studio, this studio was created for persons with a mental disorder to assist them in expressing themselves through various aspects of the music such as; songwriting, singing, deejaying, etc.

The idea of “Together We Are Strong” was formed from the therapy group, Cecil attained support from the local community and from various local artists including service users that attend the weekly music sessions at ProTech studio.

The service users collaborated with several local artists in Manchester to produced this track in aid of raising money for the NHS and people who have been affected by Covid-19. This initiative is appropriate as Greater Manchester is deemed to have been impacted seriously by Covid-19.

This effort is significantly appreciated by the community and we extend special thanks to all the people that contributed to making this track a success.

Special thanks extended to the Engineers Torino Jackson and Tristan Henry for the concept. All the artists on the track, Triston Henry, Mr. Marvellous, Migal, Baker, 2Tone, Cleopatra, Mr. Zip, Torino Jackson, Chazy T, D-Boy, Dawn zee, Colour-colour, Nevita Chambers, Peppery, Ossie Gad, Prince Hammer, City Culture, Kwabena, Robert Chambers. We crave your support on this special venture to help the community.

Remix Provided by Billboard-charting remixer Larry Peace.

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