Sobel Promotions is a Dance Music Promotions company working all genres of dance music which is run by two-time Promoter Of The Year Barbara Sobel.

Barbara, who was named two-time promoter the year and ‘Queen Mother of Music Promotions’ by Just Circuit Magazine, has serviced the Dance Music Community with some of the hottest music from artists, producers, and remixers from around the world for over 10 years.

Sobel Promotions Compilation 007 is a sample of 20 songs promoted by the company.

Featuring Music From


Steve Etherington

Kirsty Hawkshaw

Glenn Soukesian

Soraya Vivian

Larry Peace

Jayadev’s Mantra Crew


Rosie & SPare

Amber Dirks ft. Power 2 Move

Eight Legged Phobia

Donny ft. Jay Cee

Nature of Wires

Black Emoji

Donny ft. Kristen Altoro

Victor Lowdown

Mark M.S. & Gerry Verano

Diego Alessio

Nick Solid

Dwayne Minard


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