It is believed that approximately three million different species of animal and plant life – one out of every ten species in the world call the Amazon their home.

At the current time, it has been reported that almost 85,000 fires have been located in the rainforest.

It is expected that reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates whose microhabitats are destroyed by the fire will die.

The eggs of these animals need to be kept damp and will be cooked by the fire, which could cause the extinction of some species.

The small and slow animals of the Amazon, such as the sloth, are in danger as they tend to panic, and may suffer direct mortalities.

Birds may be able to fly away to safety but in the process, abandon their eggs and chicks.

It is also unclear where the animals will go once their habitat has been destroyed.

It has been reported that 500 jaguars are either homeless or dead.

Barbara Sobel, the CEO of Sobel Promotions, who was named ‘Queen Mother of Music Promotions,’ saw that the music community has remained silent.  Gone are the days where the music community gathered for charity records.

Sobel Promotions has released multiple charity compilations in the past. The artists within the company feel that it is essential to give back.

Barbara asked the musicians she works with to contribute a song for a charity record to help the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) for the compilation.

One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to the charity, in the hopes they can help the animals of the Amazon.

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