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August 2020

Larry Peace – The Bridge (Get Down) (Supa Qween Records)

Corey Wesley – Ovah (Supa Qween Records)

Tommy Evans – Catchy (Supa Qween Records)

Dwayne Minard vs. Tami Neilson – Don’t Never Change (Supa Qween Records)

Ushuaia Boys – Clublife EP (Digital Room Records)

Eight Legged Phobia – Walk The Walk (Digital Room Trance)

Pierre Pascual – Total Control (Madame Visage Records)

Various Artists – Fighting For The Soul Of America (A Charity Record For The Lincoln Project) (Sobel Nation Records)

StoneBridge & STHLM Esq ft Michel Young – Running (Remixes) (Stoney Boy Music)

Peyton – Things Can Only Get Better (Peyton Music)

Eight Legged Phobia – You And I (Sobel Nation Records)

Brett Littleton aka St. Slater – Projects of the Broken World (RuffRecordings)

Dwayne Minard ft. Gavin Bradley – Hobbies (Supa Qween Records)

Talla 2XCL – Code 6 (That’s Trance)

Mark-Anthony Abel – Don’t Wanna Fade Away (Supa Qween Records)

Midnight Society – Just Wanna Be Free (SoundGroove Records)

Brett Littleton – Carry On (RuffRecord)

49ers ft. Ann Marie Smith – I Got The Music (ZYX Music)

StoneBridge & STHLM Esq ft. Michel Young – Running (Stoney Boy Music)