What Is Sobel Promotions

Barbara Sobel,  dubbed the ‘Queen Mother of Music Promotions’ and was named the 2015  and 2016 Promoter Of The Year from the Just Circuit Awards is the founder of Sobel Promotions and has spent the last 20 years working with groups around the globe. Working with both major label artists and independent acts, Sobel Promotions is a full service, “one-stop shopping” promotion company which focuses on Dance Music. We also work with Indie, House, Trance, Pop, Electronica, Britpop, Euro Dance, and Techno.

Sobel Promotions Mission Statement

We try to create a family atmosphere within Sobel Promotions, instead of a cold impersonal environment. We know the importance of remembering the human aspect of the musicians and not seeing them just as a number or a statistic. When a member of the Sobel Promotions roster succeeds, we all celebrate. If a member fails, we all do. At Sobel Promotions, we strive to be the best. The Promoter and Promotion Company is a representation of the artists on the roster, and the artists at Sobel Promotion are considered “The Best Of The Best” and we must live up to that standard.

What Services Does Sobel Promotions Provide

  • Complete consultation, assistance with selecting radio singles and provide an overall plan for the life of the single.

  • Provide Remixes for the single

  • Remixes of your single by chart-topping Sobel Nation Remixers

  • Full promotion and servicing to the radio, radio mix shows industry professionals in the US & Canada and digital record pools like Music Worx, Zip DJ, Masspool, and Starfleet.

  • Guaranteed radio airplay in the rotation in the Sobel Nation Network of radio stations

  • Online Promotion – Facebook, Twitter, etc. If necessary, these pages will be designed and run by Sobel Promotions.

  • Continues communication, updates and immediate access to staff for answers to your questions.

Provide referrals for all vital aspects of the music business, including the following:
* Art Direction
* Artist Development
* Marketing
* National Video Promotion
* Artist Publicity
* Ancillary Marketing

Proposals can be altered based on the needs and desires of the client. Sobel Promotions is here to work for you and will always strive to be the very best.

For Further Information Or For Price Quote, Please Contact Barbara Sobel at Email: or call (347) 948-3952.

Office Hours M-F 9-5 pm est
Please email on weekends or after hours