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Sobel Promotions


December 2019

Glenn Soukasian & Ron Schrader – The Christmas Song (Sobel Nation Records)

Rosie & SPare – Danser Danser (Sobel Nation Records)

Steve Etherington – I Believe In Father Christmas (Sobel Nation Records)

Dwayne Minard – Habitat (Supa Queen Records)

Various Artists – Sobel Promotions Holiday Compilation 006 (Sobel Nation Records)

Nature Of Wires – It’s Not A Happy Christmas (Sobel Nation Records)

Eight Legged Phobia – Believe (Sobel Nation Records)

Larry Peace (Who Is Mr. Christmas) – Have Yourself A Larry Peace Christmas (Sobel Nation Records)

Carly Ozard – Universal Child (Sobel Nation Records)

Pollo Del Mar & Russ Rich ft. Carly Ozard – I’d Rule the World (A Woman’s Got The Power) (Sobel Nation Records)

Diego Alessio – Fighting For Love (Supa Queen Records)

Sobel Promotions Presents No Turning Back (A Charity Record For The Amazon Rainforest)

Carly Ozard – Abaco Strong (A Bahamas Charity Record For The Man-O-War Foundation) (Sobel Nation Records)

Sobel Promotions Presents Love Conquers All (A Charity Record For The Bahamas) (Sobel Nation Records)

Eight Legged Phobia – 1 am (Digital Room Trance)

AmberDirks ft. Power 2 Move – Love’s Got A Hold Of Me (Sobel Nation Records)

The Terri Green Project – Giving It Up (Remixes) ( Zebralution)

Jayadev’s Mantra Crew – Let’s Go (Sobel Nation Records)

Nicki French – Teardrops (On The Disco Floor) (US Remixes) (Energise Records)

Jay-P Jonas – Jealousy (Ginks & Jones Records)

Lightyear –  I Need A Lover (Sobel Nation Records)

EEDB – Make It Rain (Shlepp Entertainment)

Dominic B – Move Around (Sobel Nation Records)

K.W.S. – Please Don’t Go (ZYX Music)

Donny ft. Kristen Altoro – B!tch Please (Sobel Nation Records)

Victor Lowdown – No Worries (Supa Queen Records)

Betty Bizarre & Ushuaia Boys – Nikki Beach Diaries (Remixes) (Digital Room Records)

Grapefruit Sound Lab & Amuka – Don’t Fall For It (Remixes) (Howe Records)

Larry Peace – Shake & Move (Supa Queen Records)

Alexandra Sirard – Two Strangers  (Alexandra Sirard Music)

StoneBridge Presents Ibiza Bullets (Stoney Boy Music)

  Grapefruit Sound Lab & Amuka – Don’t Fall For It (Howe Records)